Neighbors helping Neighbours

When Dave and Heather Heppner visited Northern Thailand in 2004 their lives were forever changed. They learned firsthand of the plight of the Myanmar people and instantly knew they had to do something about it.

Over 60 years of civil war in Myanmar has caused millions of people to flee the country for Thailand, risking their lives along the way. Once they have entered Thailand, these refugees still face abject poverty and most lack the education needed to improve their circumstances.

Dave and Heather founded Global Neighbors for this very reason. With a dedicated team of volunteers, they have built orphanages, schools, dormitories and a safe house for girls who are at risk of exploitation.

In the fall, Dave asked if I could help create a fundraising video for Global Neighbors. Many of their volunteers help to raise money for this great cause and a video would truly help tell the story of how Global Neighbors came to be, and what has been accomplished with the donations they have received to date.

I interviewed several of the participants in the video, and together with a former colleague, created the script. We organized the audio recording at a professional sound studio and I collaborated with a graphic designer to select appropriate images and video clips to mirror the script.

Hearing a story is one thing. Seeing it with your own two eyes is another. Global Neighbors was thrilled with the result, and the video has helped them share their story both locally and beyond our borders.

To learn more about Global Neighbors, or to see how you can help, visit:

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