Creating compelling advertising

Whether you’re looking for a snappy sentence for a mail-out, or more comprehensive content to bring customers to your door, I’ve got you covered.

In my past agency work, I collaborated with a graphic designer to create eye-catching advertising. Here are two examples…

1. Holiday mail-out for Cherry Insurance


This was a holiday mail-out we produced for our client. I wrote the copy, and our graphic designer created the corresponding image. Sometimes short and simple is the best solution.

2. Newspaper ads for Span West

Span West is a construction company focused on building top-quality condominiums across Saskatchewan and Alberta. They were looking to attract potential condo buyers to an upcoming information session, so we created an ad campaign involving both radio and newspaper advertising.

I hired Patricia Holdsworth – a Regina-based photographer – to take professional photos of one of Span West’s recently completed condo projects. The images she captured were the perfect backdrop for our print advertising.


We designed two ads using one vertical and one horizontal image.  Span West was provided with both full-colour and black and white versions as running colour newspaper ads can be very costly. We kept the copy short and sweet. This allowed the great photos to tell the story for us. The enticing images aim to attract potential buyers to the info session — where our client has the opportunity to elaborate on the benefits of making their next home a Span West home.

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