Summer Lovin’

Summer has been a marvelous mix of interesting work and a bit of R&R thrown in for good measure. The weather has been beautiful – with the sun enticing me to move my office outside.

Aside from al fresco office work, here are a couple of highlights of JBCS’ first summer in business:

  • I had the pleasure of interviewing Saskatoon’s mayor, Don Atchison, for an article I wrote in Saskatoon Home magazine. We had a great conversation about how Saskatoon manages residential development – and how it differs from other Canadian cities. Check out my article in the fall issue of Saskatoon Home. It will be available online – and hits the news stands – the first week of September.
  • I’m starting to work on a website refresh with Gwen at Sarilia Country Estates.  Gwen recently organized a photo shoot with some Sarilia neighbours to showcase what life is like in the North Saskatchewan River valley. The new photos and some new web copy will provide an updated look at the fantastic lifestyle Sarilia offers.
  • I launched the inaugural Span West employee newsletter in July and am currently working on the August issue. With two offices in two cities, it’s a great way for everyone at the company to keep up-to-date with company news – and a wonderful way for management to provide recognition to employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Speaking of Span West, we had discussed the need to start working together with a professional graphic designer in order to build a more cohesive, recognizable Printcompany image. More than one person recommended Cheryl McDougall of One Olive Design – who also happened to be a friend-of-a-friend. Cheryl has already designed two lovely logos for Span West (one of them is on the right) and I’m looking forward to collaborating on future projects with her.

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