Writing – and attributing – creative content

I recently picked up a new book called, Copywriting: Successful writing for design, advertising and marketing. It’s chock full of interesting case studies and, as it’s from the UK, it’s full of great words like “bespoke” and “daft.” Most of the case studies have a common element: the writing they highlight is light, fun and entertaining. It’s often funny, or just a little bit quirky. The companies they’ve covered include: Innocent Drinks, Pret-A-Manger and Lush Cosmetics. I’ve always admired the creative packaging design and copy these companies produce and have wondered why more businesses don’t follow their lead.


However, in the past few weeks I’ve stumbled upon a variety of funny and entertaining website content. When I looked up my local forecast on the Weather Network, the image above is what I found – and I loved it. It shows the human side of a business, and it adds an element of the unexpected.

A few days later, I was looking up some Twitter data on TweetStats.com. I plugged in the Twitter handle I wanted to research, and while the site was compiling the stats, the below image popped up, letting me know “there be faeries furnishing ur XML.” I have no idea what XML is, but the image of tiny fairies fluttering around, compiling my data for me was hilarious. I didn’t even mind the wait time, or the use of “ur” – although it would normally make me cringe.


Later, during a moment of procrastination I headed over to Ted Baker. I entered my country and noticed that I’m only “638,435 double-decker buses away from London.” My practical side was then questioning if that’s from the tip of Newfoundland…I mean, we’re a big country, so I’m just wondering if the double decker buses stop at Cape Spear, or somewhere in the middle of the country…perhaps in Brandon, Manitoba. Over-thinking is one of my specialties. Regardless, I thought it was another great example of how to inject a bit of personality into your web content.


I recently shared the testimonial page I helped create for Sarilia after talking to some of the great people who live there. After we finished this page, my client – Gwen – was visiting with her neighbours and their young son Jake. They were talking about life at Sarilia when Jake said, “There’s one thing I know for sure; all the men at Sarilia LOVE beer!”

Gwen knew right away that those words were testimonial gold and had Jake’s photo and very observant statement added to the Sarilia website. I wish I could take credit for this kind of brilliance. This type of content combines the human side of a business – what people relate to – with some light-hearted fun at the same time. Check out Jake’s testimonial here.

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