Evoking emotion at the Cannes Lions Ad Festival

Last night I attended the Cannes Lions Ad Festival at Saskatoon’s Broadway Theatre. Out of all the winners, my favourites had one thing in common: they evoked emotion in one way or another. Some ads made me laugh. Some gave me a lump in my throat. Others simply made me care about a cause I didn’t know much about, or hadn’t thought about lately. Here are a few of them…

Made me laugh:


Made me want to save the apes / gave me aforementioned lump-in-throat:

The first ad gets its message across with a bit of humour, the second is more unnerving.


Made me consider how women’s self-image can change (for the worse) over time, and why that might be:


Made me inspired to start cooking delicious food with LOTS of butter – the beautiful cinematography reminded me of the movie Amelie:

One comment

  1. There is also a marketing conference coming up soon in February in Banff that I read about in the Globe and Mail today. There are some good guest speakers, including the CEO of Westjet. Their Christmas ad was mentioned in the article.

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