It’s not every day you get the chance to interview your mother-in-law and your friend’s dad for an article you’re working on, but I did just that for a recent article I wrote for the spring issue of Cottage Life West magazine. The article was about Emma Lake, Saskatchewan–where my in-laws have cottaged for more than […]

I recently returned from a week-long vacation in Nova Scotia, where I visited family and caught up with old friends. Over lunch with a university friend, the subject of work came up. She asked how freelancing was going, and I explained how I had the great misfortune of being paid to tour beautiful homes and […]

Looking back over 2015, what I notice about my writing is that there’s a lot of variety. That’s why I love my job. Every day is different and every month I meet interesting people and learn new things from them. One of the highlights for me was the opportunity to interview and write an article […]

Last month I attended a presentation by Stephan Sagmeister at the Broadway Theatre. He’s a renowned graphic designer based in New York City, with a client list including HBO, Time Warner and the Rolling Stones. His talk centred on achieving happiness as a person and as a designer, but you could apply his message to […]

Last night I attended the Cannes Lions Ad Festival at the Broadway Theatre here in Saskatoon. It’s a screening of some of the best commercials from around the world. These ads are created by the best in the business and you can see why they’re award winners…one minute you’re laughing so hard it hurts and […]

This summer was happily more feast than famine when it came to work. I kept busy writing website content, blog and social media posts, newsletters and even wrapped up a speech for a new client. I now have two communications/web design firms that reach out to me when they need content written for their client’s websites. That led to […]

The summer issue of Saskatoon Home magazine is out and it’s one of my favourite issues yet. The cover really grabbed my attention – and I’m not the only one as I’m told that they’re having a hard time keeping it in stock around the city. I wrote two articles for this issue, and they […]