I’m fortunate to have some incredible, inspiring clients who are doing amazing things with their businesses. They’re building beautiful homes and condos, creating welcoming communities and sharing important stories about Saskatoon and the people who call it home. I’m proud to work with these talented business owners — many of whom have become good friends. And I love it when they say nice things about me…

Each time we use Julie’s creative writing services we are impressed with the outcome. She has helped us with brochure development, website copy and a successful lottery home proposal! The winning lottery home proposal was a significant achievement for our company and we are grateful for Julie’s help. We would highly recommend her services.
Cam, Owner of Lexis Homes

Here are some of the reasons working with Julie a pure delight:

  • She is creative, intelligent, well spoken, interesting and polished.
  • She always has a timely response and quick turn around. For the longest time I thought I was her only client because that’s how she treated me.
  •  She has a keen attention to detail. Nothing goes to print or up on my website until it’s perfect.
  • She does her homework. If she doesn’t know the answer to a question she’s honest about it. She’ll research the heck out of it and then get back to me. I appreciate that.
  • Julie is fun to work with. Any day that we get to talk on the phone or meet for coffee to talk is a good day. She’s a good listener and understands completely what my business is about and she does her absolute best everyday to help me accomplish the goals I have set for myself and by business.
    Gwen Lepage, Owner & Developer of Sarilia Country Estates
Smart, savvy, eloquent and committed are a few of the words I would use to describe Julie’s writing. I have worked with her for a number of years and have high expectation for the writers I work with for my magazine. Julie’s writing is not only very talented, she is also a true professional in every sense of the word. Stories are submitted on or before deadline, and she is fabulous in dealing with our story sources where I entrust Julie to act as a representative of my company. I receive many compliments on Julie’s writing and her ability to tell a story and describe a topic. I would highly recommend her.
Amanda Soulodre, Owner & Publisher of Saskatoon HOME magazine


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