As the Romans do

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 10.50.33 AMTwo of my articles for Saskatoon HOME magazine made it onto the cover in 2017. For the summer issue, I wrote about Saskatoon’s first rammed-earth house, which is an architectural work of art in Caswell Hill.

Rammed earth structures have been around for millennia. Essentially, rammed earth is an ancient way of making–often colourful–concrete, but in a more environmentally friendly manner. The house is a stunner inside and out.


Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 10.49.55 AM

For the winter issue, I got a chance to meet and write about my neighbours. Just a few blocks from me are two striking, new infills. They were built by a pair of siblings, who now live side-by-side, relishing the joys of built-in babysitting. I did an informal poll amongst friends, and it seems the ability/desire to live next door to a sibling is a rare and impressive feat (even if they truly love their next-of-kin). The two siblings–a brother and sister–and their spouses get along incredibly well, and their kids are growing up with cousins who are as close as siblings.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.26.47 AM

The spring issue of Saskatoon HOME comes out in early March, and I contributed a story on block party planning. I  interviewed some very creative Saskatonians who’ve hosted neighbourhood gatherings that put my block’s backyard gatherings to shame. Think ziplines, progressive dining, pancake breakfasts, popcorn makers, frozen banana stands and projecting the last Tragically Hip concert onto the side of a house. It’s clearly time for me to up my block party game.


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